Friday, 1 August 2014

How to create an XTR file from XML in Delphi XE4 using XML Mapper?

How to create an XTR file from XML in Delphi XE4 using XML Mapper?

By using Delphi XE4 RAD Studio, you can create an XTR file from the given XML file using XML Mapper. XML Mapper Tool is provided in RAD Studio XE4 under Tools -> XML Mapper.

Following are the steps to create an XTR file from XML in Delphi XE4 using XML Mapper:

1. Open the XML Mapper Tools from RAD Studio. 

Now load an XML. In my case I am loading following simple XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

All the nodes will appear on the left section of XML Mapper.

2. Right click on left section and select "Select All Children" option. Transformation will be created on the middle section.

3. Right click on left section again and select "Create Datapacket from XML". You will see the generated datapacket on the right section of the XML Mapper.

4. Hit "Create and Test Transformation" button in the middle section of XML Mapper.

5. Right click on the right section and select "Clear". A popup will appear asking you "Save changes to Transformation to Datapacket?".

6. Click Yes and save that XTR file.

I got following XTR file corresponding to the above XML file:

<XmlTransformation Version="1.0"><Transform Direction="ToCds" DataEncoding="UTF-8"><SelectEach dest="DATAPACKET\ROWDATA\ROW" from="\Parent"><Select dest="@Child1" from="\Child1"/><Select dest="@Child2" from="\Child2"/></SelectEach></Transform><XmlSchema RootName="Parent"><![CDATA[<xs:schema xmlns:xs="">
  <element xmlns="" name="Parent" type="ParentType"/>
  <complexType xmlns="" name="ParentType">
      <element name="Child1" type="Child1Type"/>
      <element name="Child2" type="Child2Type"/>
  <element xmlns="" name="Child1" type="Child1Type"/>
  <simpleType xmlns="" name="Child1Type">
    <restriction base="xs:string"/>
  <element xmlns="" name="Child2" type="Child2Type"/>
  <simpleType xmlns="" name="Child2Type">
    <restriction base="xs:string"/>
</xs:schema>]]></XmlSchema><CdsSkeleton/><XslTransform/><Skeleton><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0"?><DATAPACKET Version="2.0"><METADATA><FIELDS><FIELD attrname="Child1" fieldtype="string" WIDTH="3"/><FIELD attrname="Child2" fieldtype="string" WIDTH="3"/></FIELDS><PARAMS/></METADATA><ROWDATA/><METADATA><FIELDS><FIELD attrname="Child1" fieldtype="string" WIDTH="3"/><FIELD attrname="Child2" fieldtype="string" WIDTH="3"/></FIELDS><PARAMS/></METADATA><ROWDATA/></DATAPACKET>


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