Friday, 13 September 2013

Can Developers / Programmers live without StackOverflow?

Can Developers / Programmers live without StackOverflow?

A Software developer or programmer faces new challenges everyday during project development. In each line of code, there is something new to explore. While developing any application, any product, we know many things technically how to do? But, there are many things for which we have to google. There may be many unforeseen exceptions which may come in the coding path. While coding, a software developer encounters many errors and exception, some of them he or she already knows how to resolve and for many of them he / she has to google. 

When I am saying "google", I mean searching on the internet. But I have noticed that while searching any code related queries on the google, out of first 10 results, at least 5 are from stackoverflow. When I land on stackoverflow pages by searching my problem / errors / exceptions, I feel somewhat confident to know that I am not the single person in the universe who is getting this kind of error. There are lot of my friends across the globe to help me out. I am so much impressed with the people on stackoverflow who are expert in their technologies and have thousands of reputation points on stack overflow. Sometimes I think, would I be able to compete them in future? 95% of my problems are resolved by stackoverflow expert discussions.

Even if you don't find any useful link while googling, and also there is no link on stackoverflow, you can ask your question there on stackoverflow. A lot of experts with very high reputation points are sitting on stackoverflow who will help you out within minutes. When your question gets resolved, it will also help other developers who would encounter the error you asked on stackoverflow because stackoverflow has very good google rank and its pages get indexed on google search within minutes and start appearing on first page of google when you search similar problem again.

If you encounter any problem and solve it by yourself after some struggle, I will suggest you to share your finding on stackoverflow. Ask a question and answer it yourself because it will surely help other programmers around the world who encounter this problem in the future.

I feel a lot of dependency on Stackoverflow. So, as a software developer, I think StackOverflow is boon to me which is solving my problems for almost 4 years and will continue to favor me in future.


  1. The only way you'll get an answer on StackOverflow is to answer it yourself. They select only trivial problems to answer.

  2. Personally I used to rely a lot on SO, but over time I noticed that I was encountering a very high rate of question and answers with "high rep" scores and sometimes being "accepted" even though the answer in every way was verifiable inaccurate or incorrect.

    As a result I've come to see the SO community as being more of a "group think" system (just because an idea is popular doesn't make it correct) - or, more cynically, a geek popularity contest of sorts. Having made this observation, I've become rather wary of the information that can be had there, and so have begun to rely less and less on it with time. These days I very rarely visit the site at all.

  3. SO has made itself nearly irrelevant with their vigilante mentality towards questions that aren't trivial. Most questions that you need input on (note that I did not say "answers") are non-trivial.

    I don't post questions there any more and SO rarely shows up in my Google searches.

    SO is going the way of Slashdot. (Does anyone read Slashdot any more?)

    1. @All - I have also seen this limitation of SO. Sometimes SO community's high reputation people comment you with harsh wordings.

      Sometimes people there also downvote your questions without any reason.

      But I will be OK with SO if I even get solution of one question out of five questions I have asked.