Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to make database connection in delphi xe2 using TDatabase?

How to make database connection in delphi xe2 using TDatabase?

Following article shows how to make database connection in delphi xe2 using TDatabase. We have made a function called MakeConnection in which all the code for making database connection in delphi xe2 is written.

Take TDatabase delphi component on you delphi form (dfm file). Now set following setting to TDatabase delphi component.

object database1: TDatabase
    DatabaseName = 'YourDatabaseName'
    DriverName = 'YourDriver'
    LoginPrompt = False
    SessionName = 'Default'

Now, come to your pas file and create a function say MakeConnection like below:

function TMyForm.MakeConnection;
    MyForm.database1.Params.Values['SERVER NAME'] := Servername;
    MyForm.database1.Params.Values['USER NAME']   := Username;
    MyForm.database1.Params.Values['PASSWORD']    := Password;
    if database1.Connected then
       ShowMessage('Database connected')
       ShowMessage('Database could not be connected')
    on E : Exception do
      ShowMessage('Database Connection Error: ' + E.Message);

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