Sunday, 30 September 2012

Online Aviation Degrees

Planes are becoming the de facto long-distance mode of transportation, with air travel cheaper and more readily available than ever. An online aviation degree can give you the broad career training you need to get started in this ever-expanding field.

The Facts about Careers in Aviation

The air transportation industry provided 486,000 jobs in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Degree programs in aviation science can provide a crucial foundation of knowledge for anyone pursuing a career in this field. An aviation science degree prepares students for a broad range of potential aviation careers. A degree in aviation mechanics, by contrast, prepares students for one specific career. Jobs in the air transportation industry will expand in the long term as the population and economy grow, according to the BLS. In 2007, median annual salaries in aviation jobs ranged from $145,900 for pilots and flight engineers to $30,280 for customer service representatives. No degree can guarantee a particular job or salary, but applicants with degrees and career training can expect the best job prospects in most aviation fields. In addition, most employees in the air transportation industry receive great benefits, pension plans, and perks like heavily discounted or even free air travel.

What You Can Do with an Aviation Degree

Coursework toward an aviation science degree provides an in-depth understanding of aeronautics and the career training to put that knowledge into action. The degree program also covers such skills as:
  • Piloting aircraft
  • Air traffic control and dispatch communications
  • Maintenance of aircraft and flight facilities
  • Flight operations
Associate''s degree programs cover the basics of aviation science. Bachelor''s degree programs combine flight training with more in-depth academic coursework. Master''s degree programs focus on advanced topics such as weather phenomena and accident investigation, and are typically designed for established aviation professionals. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots'' Association, your chances of landing top jobs in the aviation industry are significantly higher if you have some sort of degree.

Why Get an Online Degree?

Online aviation degrees give you the flexibility of getting your degree at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. With most American households now in possession of at least one computer and access to the Internet, even technical degrees like aviation can be earned online. Online aviation degrees will provide you with the same career training as you would get in a physical college, as the flight simulation programs can be done at home through video or Internet applications. Online education also lets you tailor your program to give you the career training you need for your career of choice, whether as a pilot or a mechanic. Online aviation degrees also give you the time and flexibility to get the required work experience and internships while completing your degree program. These time savings could lead you to start working and earning those top salaries sooner. In addition, online education can provide you with the right contacts to start your career.

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